Welcome to Climate Concepts

Taking action to limit the progress of Climate Change has never been more urgent! We see frequent reminders of this across a range of media; the challenge is to make the key information accessible enough to everyone so that we are all empowered to act and to enable people to continue having conversations about Climate Change even in these times of limited social interaction.

Today I am excited to be launching the Climate Concepts platform! Our goal is to provide access to a set of resources to help people untangle some of the aspects of Climate Change which they find complex and overwhelming, to empower everyone to feel part of the Climate Conversation and encourage them to take meaningful action. We have developed a range of resources which can be used equally well on-line or in person (where practical).

In this first instalment I would like to share with you the story behind Climate Concepts and what inspired me to start the journey. In addition you can view an introduction to the Climate Concepts resources which sets out how you can use them to stimulate your own Climate Conversations and the first of four concepts videos called “Planetary Fever“.

I hope you find the videos useful; please let us know what you liked and anything you think we could improve by visiting the contact page.

The world is on fire… … do we watch the world burn or do we choose to do what is necessary to achieve a different future? Who we understand ourselves to be determines the choice we will make. That choice determines what will become of us. The choice is both simple and complex, but above all it is urgent.

— Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac, The Future we Choose [My must read book for 2020]

Footnote: Why did I choose to launch on 21st Sept? Firstly because this week is Climate Action Week and this time last year, in solidarity with Fridays for Future movement, I took my first step on my Climate Action journey by organising a Climate Action Workshop at my former company.  Along with some of my colleagues from our sustainability group we held a workshop in the canteen, sharing information about climate change and encouraging people to make their own Climate Action pledges. It was a great success with many pledges being made and veggie sausage sandwiches being consumed. Secondly, because there is a growing sense of urgency that, as we move towards a post-Covid-19 “new normal”, we keep climate change at the centre of our focus and put in place new and better ways of doing things which will make our lives more sustainable. There has never been a better opportunity to create such a change, so let’s start that journey together today!

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