Introducing the Climate Journey – thinking about baggage

We can think about life’s journey in a variety of ways. Typically we focus on where we are heading and where we have been, often missing the where we are now and perhaps also what we are carrying with us. On any journey we will have some baggage, some essential things that we think we will need along the way or for when we reach our destination. The umbrella in case it rains, the snack in case we get hungry, the swimming costume and shades for when we get to the beach, whatever it may be we have to carry it with us.

When we talked about the Carbon Walk Concept we thought about our Carbon Footprint in terms of bags of sugar and tried to imagine what it would be like to carry that around wherever we go. When considering our Climate Journey it is useful to think about what carbon, and other environmental, baggage we are carrying with us based on our daily habits and lifestyle. Perhaps we can lighten the load by shedding the things we don’t need and at the same time make the journey more pleasurable by adding things which enrich our daily lives but don’t add to load.

Often we get hung up at this point; the challenge can seem too big. It can feel like there are too many options, which is the “right” one to do? If you feel overwhelmed by the challenge then, don’t worry, you are not alone! There are a couple of really useful things to keep in mind. Firstly, you don’t need to change everything over night; plan for a journey which takes the gentle path with some stops along the way; it will take you several years so be patient. Secondly, start with the things which are easier for you to do; maybe there is something which can have quite a big impact on lightening your load and will feel like you are pretty much strolling along. Once you have done that you will feel good and be ready to contemplate the next step.

In this new section of the Climate Concepts website I seek to share my Climate Journey with details of the path I am undertaking and the steps I have taken so far. It is an evolving journey, the highlights of which I will share with you as I walk a path towards a more sustainable future. I hope you will join me.

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