Climate Journey Video

How many kg of CO2 make up your daily carbon footprint? It is probably more than you think, I was certainly surprised when I calculated mine.

In my new Climate Journey video I use buckets of water to visualise the size of a typical daily carbon footprint and map out my current path towards Net Zero.

When I set about making this video I had not appreciated how large my carbon footprint was at the beginning of my Climate Journey in 2017. I needed more buckets than we owned! Luckily my friend Jenny was able to lend me a couple of hers.

Since 2017 I have made quite a few changes which have enabled me to significantly reduce my carbon footprint. Some of these are mentioned in the video, others can be found in my Climate Journey pages.

What will the path to Net Zero look like and how long will it take to get there? This very much depends on the level of commitment that we all make and how we choose to work together to adapt the system to support a more sustainable future.

If you haven’t done so already, why not start your Climate Journey today!

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