Climate Solutions – Solving the Puzzle

What is the biggest barrier to solving the Climate Emergency? Is it understanding the causes of Climate change? Is it finding potential solutions to help reduce future warming? Is it appreciating the urgency of taking action? Is it a sense of futility, that the problem is too big for individual actions to matter?

I could go on listing reasons. The fact is that all of these things play a part but perhaps the biggest challenge is knowing where to begin. In all the Climate Conversations I have had both individually and as part of group workshops the ultimate question I get asked is – I want to know what actions I can take, could you give me some ideas? To help answer this question I have created a set of Climate Solutions resources which provide a structured approach for people to use.

We all have different lifestyles so there is no one size fits all solution. In fact there is no one magic solution, what is needed is a combination of things. We need to start by understanding the carbon footprint of our current lifestyle, which aspects are contributing the most, how much we need to reduce it by and how quickly? Once we understand the nature of our personal puzzle we can then select the Climate Solutions which will work best for our own situation. Selecting things which will have a big impact and can be done relatively easily are the best place to begin; remembering that we are embarking on a Climate Journey and it will take several years to reach our goal. The quicker we start the easier it will be.

In this series of posts I will be exploring the Climate Solutions resources. We will start with Carbon Footprints, how to calculate yours and setting your own goal to reduce it. Each week I will then work through each of the Five Climate Solutions Topics to help you select the ones which will work best for your situation. So I invite you to head over to the Climate Solutions page and get started on your Climate Journey.

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