Climate Solutions – Energy at Home

Whatever type of home you live in you are likely to use some form of energy to heat/cool the rooms, generate hot water and run appliances. Your home will also “leak” waste energy to the environment. This is true for all of us even Hobbits!

Having started exploring your Carbon Footprint and taken a Carbon Walk through your daily/weekly routine you have probably come to the conclusion that Energy in the Home makes a significant contribution to your footprint. In the UK it is estimated that this contributes as much as 22% to our annual carbon emissions.

So what are your options for reducing this part of your footprint? In essence there are 3 main aspects to consider:

  • How much energy you use
  • Where that energy comes from (i.e. how much CO2e is released when generating it)
  • How much energy is wasted

There are several ways in which you can tackle all 3 of these aspects to help reduce your carbon footprint. The amount of energy that is wasted is probably greater than you think. I was quite surprised to learn that this can be as high as 50% and much of it is down to poor insulation.

Often people think that addressing these aspects will be expensive but actually many of the things will cost you nothing and will in fact lead to reduced energy bills. Some things do require up front investment but even those will save you money in the long run. So tackling Energy in the Home really is a win win for you and the planet.

Take a look at our latest Climate Solution Infographic on Energy at Home to learn more and determine which solutions you can get started with straight away.

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