Climate Solutions Workshop at the Catalyse Change Summit

I really love having the opportunity to have Climate Conversations with young people. Yesterday I had the pleasure of running a workshop with a groups of really engaging young women at the Catalyse Change Summit. We used the En-Roads Climate Solutions Simulator to explore our visionary question and come up with our top 3 Climate Solutions.

What if we could find the best Climate Solutions that will limit global warming to +1.5°C and create a path to One Planet thriving by starting to put them into practice?

Our Visionary Question

Having created a scenario which could satisfy our vision’s goal of limiting warming to +1.5C by 2100 we shared our feelings of hope. There was a real air of optimism, a sense of possibility, a feeling that we need to be ready and a sense of urgency. The group felt energised.

We then got stuck in to thinking about positive, impactful actions that they could take to make their imagined future a reality. The Climate Solutions infographics provided a helpful way to translate the broader global solutions identified in En-Roads to more tangible actions that could be applied on a local scale.

We rounded off the session with the group members each pledging to start taking action by doing one new thing. For some this was to share the experience and what they have learned, for others this was to start reducing the amount of meat and dairy that they eat.

I hadn’t really appreciated the importance of reducing methane emissions before.


Every time I run a workshop like this we generate a slightly different scenario but the common themes are always the same. What is even more important to me is the increased understanding and engagement that it brings and the motivation to take action that the participants feel. If they each take away one new positive action and start doing it then I consider it to be a success. So to the amazing young women I worked with yesterday I can only say – Thank you for you enthusiasm and commitment, keep doing what you are doing!

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