Climate Solutions – The next step…

In my first post of the Climate Solutions series I posed a question, asking about the nature of the challenges we face with tackling Climate Change. The biggest one, in my opinion, being that of knowing where to begin. Hopefully now that we have worked our way through the Climate Solutions from understanding our Carbon footprint, through the topics of energy use, transport, food, money and ending with what we buy, you now have a good idea of the options that are open to us and have taken your first steps on your Climate Journey. The trick now is to keep on that path, and to build momentum, to keep an eye on your goal and commit to reaching it.

What if you falter along the way? The negative narrative around us in the press and on social media can be a constant drain on our resolve to do better. We need to switch this narrative to a much more positive one and we can do that by each choosing to take a lead, to share what we are doing and encourage others to do the same. In parallel with preparing this series of posts I have been watching Climate Solutions 101 a set of lectures and resources developed by Jonathan Foley and colleagues at Project Drawdown. The last of these includes a short video in which Jonathan encourages us to “Make it happen” in which he calls for a bold vision of leadership, for us to dream big and to remember that the future is not written yet. There is a lovely phrase that he uses which I feel I must share here as it makes the point entirely.

Martin Luther King didn’t go around saying, “I have a nightmare…”, he talked about a dream… and that dream was beautiful and he invited all of us to join in and make it a reality…

Jonathan Foley, Project Drawdown

My dream is of a future in which we can thrive, a future which is better for all of us living in harmony with our planet, a future which our children can enjoy and pass on into the future to the generations beyond them. It is up to all of us to share our dreams and help each other to make them a reality, to write the collective future we choose and start writing it now, together.

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Contact us if you have some thoughts, a dream, or maybe a climate journey story you want to share. We’d love to hear how you are getting on.

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