Visualising Climate Solutions – How can a bathtub help?

Trying to make sense of proposed Climate solutions and policies can be very challenging. Experts often get caught up in jargon, figures, complex graphs. The non-experts are left scratching their heads and either find themselves dismissing the explanation or blindly following it; neither of which is ideal.

During the many conversations and workshops on Climate Solutions that I have run over the past couple of years I have found simple analogies a very useful means of helping to get complicated ideas across. Perhaps the most popular, and most powerful, of these is the Climate Bathtub. This concept helps to show the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions (the flow from the tap) and the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (the water in the bath); not forgetting of course the greenhouse gas removals represented by the drain. To see how this concept works you can watch our short video.

Anther tool I use frequently in my workshops is the Climate Simulator (En-ROADS, developed by Climate Interactive.) This tools enable the use to enter potential solutions/policies and see what effect they might have. If we combine the Climate Bathtub concept with the information provided by the simulator we can readily see whether the proposed set of solutions/policies are likely to be sufficient.

Using the bathtub to explore different scenarios

In a recent post I shared the analysis of the COP26 policy pledges which suggests that we are currently on a path similar to scenario 2 shown in the graphic above. Click here to find out more – Read More

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