Generation 8 – my new novel

“There are big days and small days…” (to quote Michael Morpurgo) The big days are often characterised by pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and doing something completely new.

28th May 2023 will be a big day for me as it marks the publication of my first novel – Generation 8

When I mentioned to some of my friends that I was writing a book about the climate and ecological emergency they assumed that it would be non-fiction. Through my work with Climate Concepts on climate communication, I quickly became aware that people engage best with stories, stories which are relatable to their lives and experiences. I decided that a novel would serve me better.

The narrative around the climate and ecological emergency is typically one of doom and disaster suggesting that it is too late and that we as individuals are powerless to act. Whilst the situation is dire it is not without hope.

The biggest reason that we feel powerless is that we have lost the ability to see how our lives are connected to each other and to the wider community of life. We have little perspective on how our hectic everyday, consumption driven lives are impacting the world around us. The possible paths to a more connected, balanced, thriving future have been talked about for decades but they lie buried in academic literature and policy documents which are inaccessible to many people.

Generation 8 is my attempt to craft a story which I hope will be relatable and have cross generational appeal. A story which provides the reader with a unique perspective on humanity’s almost imperceptibly slow disconnection from the world. A story of hope and possibility exploring how we might learn to re-connect with who we are, where we belong and mend our relationship with mother Earth.

Generation 8 is available in paperback and e-book formats – click on the button below to purchase your copy

Please share this widely – the book is a story with a powerful message – a message I would like to share with as many people as possible.

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