At Climate Concepts our goal is to empower everyone to be a part of the Climate Conversation and take meaningful action. The resources we have developed are intended to be used as part of conversations and workshops.

Enabling Climate Conversations

Videos & Resources

The videos are a standalone resource. They are free to use, please credit us and provide us with feedback when you use them.

Presentations and other materials to support your own conversations are available on a subscription basis – please contact us for further details.


Workshops facilitated by Climate Concepts can be tailored to your needs. We offer two levels:

  1. Introductory level workshops for non-scientists and schools
  2. More in depth workshops for those already familiar with some aspects of climate change and who are wanting to understand which actions will have most impact.

In depth workshops integrate the Climate Simulator En-ROADS developed by Climate Interactive and are facilitated by Heather who is a qualified En-ROADS Ambassador.

To find out more about our workshops get in touch.