Journey Milestone – December 2021 Update

During 2021 I managed to make further reductions to my carbon footprint which I now calculate to be 3.3 tons CO2 per year. The main factors which contributed to this reduction were home energy (resulting from a move away from gas for heating and hot water); transport (by switching to active travel for short journeys and train or electric car for longer journeys); food (wasting less, eating more organic and seasonal vegetables). I also made some smaller adjustments to my consumption habits; something I plan to focus on more in the coming year or so.

In addition to reducing my carbon footprint I was also able to further reduce my global footprint to 1.1 planet’s worth of resources per year . Some of the lifestyle changes I have made are harder to measure numerically and are perhaps easier to visualise in terms of the 10 One Planet Living principles. I have attempted to summarise these in the figure below. Some of the areas where I have made progress are captured by my carbon footprint assessment above, others are not.

You can read more about the latest stage of my journey including my efforts relating to land and nature and the plans I have to address materials and products (or what we often refer to as consumption) in my blog post “Climate Journey Story – the 2021 instalment

My One Planet Living Score Card for 2021


Carbon footprint calculations shown here represent total footprint as calculated using the CarbonIndependent Calculator

Global Footprint values quoted here are derived using the GF Calculator

One Planet Living is based around 10 simple principles for sustainability

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