Journey Milestone – December 2022 Update

Reflecting on the progress made in 2022 highlights the fact that a Carbon footprint is a limited measure of Climate Impact. This is something that I explore in some detail in the Shadows and Beacons Concept released earlier in the year. In the figure below you can see that my impact based on a simplistic footprint is pretty much unchanged but when I consider the harder to quantify aspects of my Climate Shadow then the story is a little different.

Climate Shadow is better visualised in terms of the 10 One Planet Living principles. I have attempted to summarise these in the figure below, the aspects in bold relate to new things which I have added during the year.

My One Planet Living Score Card for 2022

You can read more details about the latest stage of my journey and my plans for next year in my blog post “Climate Journey Update December 2022


Carbon footprint calculations shown here represent total footprint as calculated using the CarbonIndependent Calculator

Global Footprint values quoted here are derived using the GF Calculator

One Planet Living is based around 10 simple principles for sustainability

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