Journey Milestone – Direct Emissions

Our “Direct carbon emissions” are those which we can easily identify; they result from the things like energy for powering and heating our homes, energy for transport and from the production of the food we eat. They make up a significant part of our carbon footprint (depending on our lifestyle) and, because they are more visible they are often easier to tackle.

In this first stage of my Climate Journey I switched my home energy; initially to a green supplier, later to self generation with solar panels and finally moving away from gas for heating. I stopped flying, switched my car to an electric one and also committed to using the car less where possible. I changed my diet; first by cutting out meat and then removing dairy as well. Over a period of 3 years I was able to reduce my footprint to less than a third of what it was initially. The final part of tackling my “direct footprint” will be to improve the energy efficiency of my home.

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Carbon footprint calculations shown here represent total footprint as calculated using the CarbonIndependent Calculator

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