Journey Milestone – Water & Sustainable Consumption

As we move beyond thinking just about our carbon footprint it is useful to switch to a more complete evaluation of the impact our lifestyle is having on the world around us. A useful metric for this is a “Global Footprint” which considers aspects of sustainability in addition to carbon emissions such as water usage, and consumption of the world’s resources. This “Global Footprint” can be assessed in terms of how many planets worth of resources a person’s lifestyle consumes on an annual basis; to be sustainable this has to be 1 earth or less. Currently the global average is 1.6 earths; a figure which has been steadily increasing over recent decades.

When I first started my Climate Journey I estimate that my Global Footprint was 5.9 earths! A lot of the things I have done so far have helped reduce this to a slightly more respectable 1.5 earths but there is still more to do. In 2020 I have also started to pay attention my water usage; capturing rain-water to irrigate my garden. I also started to think about repairing and recycling more things such as items of clothing. To reduce my “Global Footprint” further there are many more things I plan to do including extending use of  harvested rain-water; buying second-hand clothes, only buying things I really need and if possible, sourcing them locally; paying attention to how things were made and from what materials and resources. This marks the beginning of a new chapter on my journey towards the Kaleidoscope world of One Planet Living.

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Global Footprint values quoted here are derived using the GF Calculator

One Planet Living is based around 10 simple principles for sustainability

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