Mind Shift

Looking at mindsets and worlds views, exploring our cultural memes

Mind-shift – is the first stage of our quest to understand how to bring about a Regenerative future and explores the question:

Our planet and human society is becoming increasingly fragile – why is this?

We start by exploring our mindsets or world views (the ways we think about the world) and how this shapes our relationship with Mother Earth. We move on to consider some of our commonly overlooked habits and addictions that contribute to the fragility of our global ecosystem.

It is the realisation that we hold certain world views and that they can (and need to) change that allows us to unblock the path to second stage of our journey. The ease with which we can proceed along that path is determined by our willingness to re-train our thinking and let go of some of our most damaging habits.

You can find out more about mindsets world views and hidden addictions by:

Reading these blog articles –

Watching this video – coming soon

Downloading this infographic – coming soon

To Explore further Regenerative Concepts – follow this link

Mind-Shift Further Resources

Blog postWorld views – what is in a piece of paper?

ArticleLife-centric from human-centric: a shift in mindset- by Roberta Iley

Book – Braiding Sweet Grass – by Robin Wall Kimmerer

BookZen and the Art of Saving the Planet – by Tich Naht Hanh

BookThe Good Ancestor – by Roman Krznaric

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