Regenerative Concepts

Regeneration – putting life at the centre of every action and decision, re-shaping our relationship with Mother Earth


Regeneration involves stepping beyond Climate Concepts and looking at the other parts of the Planetary Puzzle which we need to solve in order to sustain and restore our planet for future generations.

Earth, our planet, supports us, it is our home. It is not a static place where we reside and go about our daily business. It is a magnificent, overwhelmingly complex web of social, ecological and physical systems and processes all working in concert creating the ever changing symphony of life.

So far our concepts have looked at the climate of our planet, focussing on greenhouse gases and the role they play in influencing global temperatures, for better or worse. BUT climate is just one piece of the puzzle, there are several others which also play a key role in ensuring ecosystem stability. These will be our focus as we explore the Regenerative Concepts.

To help us on our quest to assemble the pieces of the Planetary Puzzle we will ask ourselves a series of important questions. We will start by asking:

  • What is essential for keeping us (our planet) alive and healthy?
  • What is our (humanity’s) role within the complex web of planetary functions?

The answers to these questions hold the key to helping us create a future in which we can all (people and planet) thrive.

Regenerative Concepts provide a set of  multimedia resources (blog posts, videos, infographics, links to external resources) which can help us to build our understanding and help us to transform our relationship with Mother Earth.

Explore the Regenerative Concepts

The first stage of our quest – Mind-shift – relates to our mindsets (the ways we think about the world) and commonly overlooked addictions. Exploring these helps to answer the question:

  • Our planet and human society is becoming increasingly fragile – why is this?

Follow the link to explore more on this topic – Explore Mind-shift

The second stage of our quest – Re-connection – relates to our patterns of behaviour and the natural limits of the global ecosystem. Exploring these helps to answer the question:

  • How can we transition from a fragile failing social ecological system to a thriving one?

Follow the link to explore more on this topic – Explore Re-connection

The final stage of our quest – Transformation – relates to the essential changes we need to make by looking at inspirational examples. Exploring these helps to answer the question:

  • What are the key human attributes that will make a difference and what role do we need to play to transform our futures?

Follow the link to explore more on this topic – Explore Transformation

We will be sharing more of these resources over the coming months. To keep up to date with the new Regenerative Concepts as they are released you can subscribe here.

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