Background information and useful links

Books on Climate Change

There is no planet B by Mike Berners-Lee – ISBN 978-1-108-43958-9

The future we choose by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac – ISBN – 978-1-83877-082-2

Limits to Growth a 30 year update by Donella Meadows, Jorgen Randers, Dennis Meadows – ISBN 9781931498586

Books on Systems Change

Thinking in Systems by Donella H Meadows – ISBN – 978-1603580557

Cultivating System Change by Anna Birney – ISBN 978-1-910174-09-8

Concept 1 – Planetary Fever

These NASA web sites have some good background information on Climate Change:

Our world in data website has regularly updated data on greenhouse gas emissions

IPCC report on Climate Change can be found at –

Concept 2 Climate Bathtub

The Climate Bathtub concept is adapted from previous models developed by:

For a more detailed look at the science behind the climate bathtub take a look at this excellent video by Drew Jones at Climate Interactive which was shared as part of their Climate Leader course –

Tipping points is a complex topic with a lot of confusing and, in some cases slightly alarmist, information available on the web. We have carefully selected two links which should give you a good and balanced perspective on current thinking around this topic.

Concept 3 – Carbon Walk

For some useful background information about carbon emissions targets and carbon footprint calculation see:

Concept 4 – System and Self

For a good introduction to spheres of influence and individual actions – see

Sources of ideas about systems and changes we can make:

Concept 5 – Shadows and Beacons

For the original Climate Shadow article by Emma Pattee see-

The carbon footprint data included in the Climate Shadow video is adapted from “How bad are bananas?” by Mike Berners-Lee.

  • Smartphone carbon footprint – 70kg per year assuming 195 minutes of use per day (typical average) and that phone is kept for 2 years before trading in (based on total embodied CO2e of 105kg) – see How bad are bananas p.116
  • Car carbon footprints – see How bad are bananas p. 62, 145

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