“The world is on fire… … do we watch the world burn or do we choose to do what is necessary to achieve a different future? Who we understand ourselves to be determines the choice we will make. That choice determines what will become of us. The choice is both simple and complex, but above all it is urgent.”

Excerpt from “The Future we Choose” by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac

The challenge

The Climate and Ecological Emergency is a real issue and we haven’t done nearly enough about it – yet…

We urgently need to find ways to avoid further disruptive change to our climate and environment. To find ways to live sustainably and in harmony with our planet.

Finding ways to tackle the climate and ecological emergency requires understanding planet earth as a living system. Asking ourselves what are the symptoms of its illness and how can we treat them?

If we are to craft together the “Future we Choose” then everyone needs to be a part of the conversation. People can’t engage when they don’t have sufficient knowledge and understanding.

The mission

To empower everyone to be a part of the conversation and take meaningful action

To achieve that our three main goals are:

  • To develop a set of resources to help people untangle some of the aspects of the Climate & Ecological Emergency which they find complex and overwhelming
  • To share the resources through a range of media and encourage people to engage in their own conversations about the issue
  • To empower people to act in ways which are meaningful and can have impact
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