Climate Solutions

A guide to help you navigate your path towards a lower carbon, more sustainable future. Including how to calculate and understand your carbon footprint as well as a wide range of actions you can take to start reducing it.

A note from our founder

Solving the Climate Change puzzle can seem mind boggling in complexity. At the end of every Climate Workshop that I run people are keen to take action and want to know where to begin. The Climate Solutions resources are designed to help them take the next step on their journey.

Heather Comina, Founder Climate Concepts UK

The Challenge

How can we reduce our carbon footprints sufficiently to limit global warming to less than +2°C by 2100?

Solving the Puzzle

  • Start with understanding your carbon footprint
    • How big is it?
    • What contributes to it?
    • How much do you need to reduce it to reach 5 ton CO2e per year by 2030?
  • Then consider which set of solutions will work best for you

The Carbon Footprint Resources can help you get started. Click on the Carbon Footprints icon to begin.

Once you understand how your daily lifestyle contributes to your carbon footprint you will see that there are lots of opportunities to reduce it. The set of Climate Solutions Resources below can help you select the best options to begin your Climate Journey.

Climate Solutions Navigator

The Climate Solutions cover five main categories each of which will make up a portion of your carbon footprint. Click on the icons below to navigate to more information about each topic.

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Climate Solutions – Need some help?

The Climate Solutions infographics that we have explored above highlight the key aspects of solutions that anyone can start putting into practice and ensure that those actions will be making a difference. If you would like some help with exploring the solutions further – take a look at our Conversations page

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