Climate Journey

From Monochrome to Kaleidoscope

Our Climate Journey takes us from monochrome to kaleidoscope; our destination a lifestyle which is lower carbon (ideally net Zero) and sustainable (ideally using less than 1 earth’s worth of resources every year). It is a journey which will be undertaken in years, the gradient will sometimes be steep and sometimes shallow, the view will sometimes be clouded but will ultimately be spectacular in its richness of colour and experience. Our first steps are tentative and exploratory; we will gain momentum with confidence and the realisation that it leads us to a better way of being and a better way of sharing. Read more about the thinking behind the Climate Journey concept in my blog post.

Climate Journey – last updated Dec 2021

I started my Climate Journey in 2017 focusing on the Monochrome of my carbon footprint. Along the way I have reduced my direct and indirect carbon footprint, attended more to aspects of land and nature and currently seek to tackle water use and sustainable consumption on my path towards the Kaleidoscope world of a sustainable future. Aiming to live a lifestyle which is more consistent with the One Planet Principles, keeping within the bounds of what our planet can provide. To read more about each stage of my journey click on the milestone links below.

Journey Updates

Each year I release an update to share how my journey has evolved over time. I have tried to capture what I have achieved and also what I have learned. Some of these learnings have served to alter the path of my journey and re-define what is important to pay attention to.

  • For a review of my Climate Journey from Dec 2021 to Dec 2022 New click here
  • For a review of my Climate Journey from Dec 2020 to Dec 2021 click here

Climate Journey Video

This short video maps out the Climate Journey path to Net Zero using buckets of water to represent our daily carbon footprint. You may find it surprising just how much CO2 we produce every day, I certainly did.

Want to start your Climate Journey and don’t know where to begin? Why not head to our Climate Solutions page for some great ideas to help get you started with reducing your Carbon Footprint.

Journey Milestones

Want to share your Journey?

Hopefully you have been inspired to embark on a Climate Journey of your own. We would love to hear about your journey so far; feel free to share by contacting us.


To achieve net Zero it is estimated that we need to achieve a global average carbon footprint of <2.5 tonnes CO2 per year by 2030 and <2.0 tonnes CO2 per year by 2050 [based on an outflow is 18 gigaTons CO2 per year and world population in 2050 of 9.8 billion (assuming outflow does not change) then global average CO2 emissions needs to be ~1.8 tons CO2 per person per year. Data from En-Roads]

As we move towards the Kaleidoscope it is more meaningful to use an ecological footprint and think about our share of the planet’s resources. For further information see Global Footprint Network.

Useful frameworks to consider for sustainable living are the 10 One Planet principles developed by Bioregional and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals

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